Steel Building Prices

Everyone is getting into steel building products these days. Modular classrooms in Maryland can be delivered and built in just 45 days for $6,000 (with a $300 monthly lease). In Monroe, New York, a small 12 ft x 60 ft non-profit office was set up for $2,000. In Central Lake, Michigan, a luxury lake-side 3,000-square-foot prefab steel building was erected and leased for $2,500/month. Prices are higher for some commercial steel buildings, though. An education provider in Woodbine, Georgia bought an upgraded facility for $126,000; a classroom in Rexburg, Idaho cost $93,000; and an education facility in La Jolla, California cost $200,000. Building prices vary greatly for steel buildings, but how do they stack up to wooden structures?

Even though steel building prices have gone up over the past few years, the prices are comparable to wooden structures for the most part. Lumber costs have increased, while technological innovations have brought down the price of steel. Data suggests steel frame structures cost 14.2% more than wood, although one could argue the zero-maintenance offsets the upfront expense. For the do-it-yourself builder, the metal building kits cost 42.4% higher than wood framing kits. On structures like storage sheds and prefab homes, the prices are basically the same, with steel costing just slightly more. For garages, satellite offices or schools and barns, steel is sometimes cheaper.

If you are looking to buy a prefab metal building to live in and think you are getting a great deal on building prices, you're mistaken. A prefab building can be bought for as little as $20,000, but once you add interior upgrades, buy the land and factor in construction costs, you'll pay the same amount. You will get a home that is very modern looking, though, and you won't have to wait very long for it. On average, prefab homes go up in just 45 days, rather than the six months it takes to build a traditional home. In some cases, cheaper steel building systems are constructed to renovate urban sprawl, replace trailer parks and house Hurricane Katrina victims. However, these structures are very bare bones and may not be a good fit for everyone.

The advantage of choosing steel building systems is the quick construction. You won't get as many customization options as with wood and the building prices will be a little higher, but steel is a durable material that will withstand any type of weather conditions. Bees and termites won't chew through steel metal buildings, the sun won't warp the boards, the wind won't blow off roof tiles, nor will water rot through and mold up your structure. To get the best deal on your steel building products, be sure to call around to several different vendors for quotes.


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