Engineered Steel Buildings

Steel roofs have been gaining much attention as home owners consider alternatives to dropping $5,000 every ten years to replace their asphalt shingles, rotted facade and damaged wood planks. Steel roofs, while slightly costlier, never suffer weather damage or allow moisture in. Given the right insulation, the building metal actually works as an excellent barrier from heat getting in during the hot summer months or leaving during the cool winter months. Similarly, engineered steel buildings are being considered in construction as the cost of wood increases, the quality of lumber decreases and the strength of this building material is realized. Why buy for the moment, when one can have a quality product forever?

Traditional construction materials like wood and brick have been used in construction for thousands of years. Yet, the turn of the century brought us prefab steel building materials, which promised stronger structures. Post World War II, innovations churned out factory-built steel structures that could be set up quickly and easily. Over the last thirty years, improved factory processes dropped consumer prices on steel down considerably, making it a viable contender for builders' dollars. The versatility, quickness of construction, strength, weather resistance, eco-friendliness and maintenance-free nature are all qualities that make metal a desirable building material.

The life of engineered steel buildings begins in the factory, where skilled steelworkers and computers precisely measure beams, sheets of metal and other materials that can withstand rain, snow or sun. Construction times are quickened because the prefabricated steel building can be made at the same time the foundation is set and the building permits are acquired. All prefab steel pieces are custom-fit to order specifications, so it will be a quick set-up once they arrive at the construction site. Over time, additional stories or sections can easily be fastened to the building or the entire structure, including plumbing and electrical work.

A good site for engineered steel buildings is, which offers modular buildings for storage facilities and warehouses to offices and retail centers. For people who like to start from a blueprint and do it themselves, or are good resources. To accessorize and customize a prefab steel building with skylights, insulation, doors or vents, check or For deluxe exterior finishes that include stucco, brick, wood, concrete and more, visit A website like caters to the budget-conscious shopper who is looking for sales and deep discounts. For construction contractor help, try Bob Moore at


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