Pre Engineered Steel Modulars

You may not realize it, but you drive past modular buildings every day. On the exterior, the pre engineered steel structures look like any other; many have brick or vinyl siding facades. Perhaps you have even walked inside one and not even noticed a difference with the carpets, cabinets, plumbing and windows. These spaces can be as small as a garage or they may rise up several stories, encompassing 100,000 square-feet! Advances in construction technology has made the prefabricated steel building a popular choice for schools, churches, daycare facilities, offices, medical facilities and more.

The quick construction time, combined with the durable quality, is the main advantage to choosing pre engineered steel buildings that are made in a factory and shipped to you, over a traditionally constructed building. Steel building systems work especially well with medical labs that need to be erected right away to treat patients or satellite classrooms that need to be up in time for the semester to start. Another advantage is that they can be moved easily, even if there is electrical work or plumbing involved. Steel metal buildings make great construction offices for this very reason.

Unlike past pre engineered steel buildings, modern prefab metal buildings come with all kinds of customizations, finishes and alterations. These designs are far from shoddy trailers or "cookie cutter" shacks. Modern technology has afforded you the option of choosing wood, steel, brick, stucco or aggregate exteriors. Want windows, doors or special roof treatments? These are all options you may select yourself to make the building conform to your own distinctive taste. There are three types to choose from: some buildings are fully constructed at the factory and shipped on a truck; others are mostly made at the factory but arrive in big sheets for you to set up yourself; a third type of prefab metal buildings is only half-constructed at the factory and requires a full construction crew to make your site more permanent, including plumbing and electrical work.

There are a few cons to pre engineered steel buildings. The most notable is the architectural limitations. Even though you can customize the exteriors and interiors, you simply cannot get a Victorian or Colonial style building out of a factory. You cannot get wainscoting, ornamentation, a vaulted ceiling or crown molding from the factory. Some people feel that steel metal buildings are sort of "cheap" looking since many trailer parks and poor urban areas are being replaced by prefab metal buildings. However, there are also modernism nuts and famous architects who feel that there is much promise with steel metal buildings.


  1. Very simply, a peb buildings or pre-fabricated building is a type of building that consists of several factory-built components that are assembled on-site to complete the unit.

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  3. Along with the lower cost and time, Pre engineered buildings are Eco-friendly as steel is 100% recyclable. Peb Manufacturers in India